I have used Flash for various applications, but I find it most useful when incorporating video, or video functionality into a website. It is increasingly becoming useful to generate animated graphics which are then converted into video formats for varied applications.

Piccadilly Lights

10:10 at the Piccadilly Lights on the 10/10/10 Global Day of Action. The full animation was captured by video and can be seen here on Vimeo. With these assignments, the format of the deliverable is usuallly the biggest challenge. This was no exception and required going via several applications and processes.

Still from Lights at Piccadilly Circus with 10:10 graphics

Tottenham Hotspur

10:10 on the perimeter boards at the Tottenham Hotspur grounds at White Hart Lane.

Animated perimeter fencing at White Hart Lane

Animated Alphabet

Arabic Animation

Flash application made while learning Flash 5. It presents a page of Arabic letters, with their hovering transliteration. When a letter is chosen, it is drawn out. Buttons are available to redraw, find out more about the letter, progress back or forward through the alphabet, or go back to the page of letters. This was given away freely and is still used by various sites. Can be seen online.

Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter Home Page

Home page of a dance studio in London. A flash player was incorporated to show a 'glimpse into the studio' during a class. The player included custom made controls and was fully integrated into the web page.


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