Commissions using more unusual media: laser cut paper, banners, instrument faceplates, icons, and lorries.

Laser cut design

10:10 Laser cut bookmark for the Hay Festival

Original design for a laser cut bookmark for the Hay Festival. The lines where the laser will cut need to be approx 0.1mm and allow enough area around for the laser beam. With bridges across areas to prevent them falling away. Card produced by the Hummingbird Card Company.

iPhone Icon and Splash

Icon and splash screen design for CycleStreets App

Design for splash and icon of the CycleStreets App on the iPhone including production of all of the versions required.

screens for O2 stores

10:10 in O2 stores

10:10 design for plasma screens in O2 stores nationwide. Additionally joint-branded screens were produced (see below), with brand clinic interation as part of O2's Think Big campaign.

Joint branding with O2 and their Think Big campaign

Faceplate Design

Oil Mist Monitor

Design of the faceplate for an oil mist detection monitor for Quality Monitoring Instruments.

Rubbish Truck

Pink rubbish truck with 10:10 design and joint messaging with Crawley Council

Design of a joint messaging respray of a recycle truck for Crawley Council.

Kiosk Interface

Icons for Kiosk

Set of icons designed for a touchscreen jukebox kiosk.

10:10 Festivals

Arab Academy Icons

Development of logos for 10:10 Festivals.

Arab Academy Icons

Arab Academy Icons

Set of icons based on Arabic words and letters for use in printed and web material for an online Arabic school.

Snowflake template

Printable snowflake template

A fun thing but also a branded item. A snowflake template which can be printed, folded, and then cut to produce a 10:10 snowflake. PDF version here.

Origami diagram

Origami Card Diagram

Tracing of diagrams for origami instruction.


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